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Kiverco Product Screen

Kiverco Recycling Systems have an unrivalled reputation throughout Britain and Europe as the leading manufacturer of Waste Recycling Systems for Construction and Demolition Waste.  

C & D Waste Recycling Plants HA
Kiverco’s range of Construction and Demolition Waste Recysling Plants are individually designed and suite each customers’s individual needs and requirements.

Kiverco offers a complete range of C & D Waste Recycling Plants to suire your budget and our quallity of workmanship and guaantees you peace of mind.

Light Waste Recycling Plants
Kiverco’s range of Light co-mingled Waste Recycling Plants are individually designed to suit each customers’s individual needs and requirements.

Our plants are tailored to suit your budget and our quality of workmanship and guarantees offer You peace of mind.
Picking Stations
Kiverco Picking Stations are designed to allow the manual sorting of waste In a secure working environment.

Kiverco Picking Stations consist of a horizontally placed conveyor and attached drop bins mounted on a raised platform The operators pick and sort large pieces of waste contaminating the end.
KL Series Trommels
Kiverco KL Series Trommels – Rotary Screens – are used to sort waste materials. Large waste may be broken down first. The mesh size of the trommel can vary according to the type, density and size of the waste material. Kiverco KL Series Trommels are specifically designed to handle construction and demolition waste. Screen mesh can be changed and vary in size according to each individual application. They are used as the primary screen in construction and demolition waste sorting applications. The waste material to be sorted is fed into the trommel by way of a conveyor. The small fine waste passes through the mesh of the trommel. All larger pieces of material exits the trommel to be sorted at a later stage.
Kiverco conveyors are manufactured to the same exacting rugged standards as the rest of our equipment.
Pan Feeders
Kiverco pan feeders are manufactured to the highest standards and offer continued reliability over a long lifetime.
Vibrating Screens
The Kiverco range of Vibratory Screens offer an effective method of waste material separation. The screen’s vibratory motion spreads waste material across the deck in order to maximize separation efficiency.

The result is a fast, smooth and continuous waste material flow. Throughout the separation and classification process.

Dust Control
Successful Dust suppression during waste recycling brings with it many benefits including:

  • A safe working environment
  • Cleaner and healthier conditions
  • Reduction in wear and tear to plant
  • Less down time for maintenance


Portable and Static Compactors
Kiverco can offer you a range of portable and static compactors for incorporation into your waste recycling facility or as a stand alone product.

Both ranges can achieve a compaction ratio of up to five to one depending on the waste materials to be compacted.

All our compactors are designed to be user friendly, reliable, cost effective and adaptable. Whether portable or static, all our compactors can be tailored to suit your waste handling requirements.

Our compactors can be incorporated into your existing waste recycling facility or is available as an option on all new waste recycling plants.

Non Ferrous Metal Separation
Kiverco Eddy Current Separators use a different approach to magnetic separation…they “repel” nonferrous metals. Widely used in recycling aluminum, copper, silver and other nonferrous metals, these powerful magnetic separators “kick-out” the nonferrous metallic products or contamination being conveyed while allowing other materials to continue in the flow.

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