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Telestack Product Screen

Telestack Limited specialise in the design, manufacture and commissioning of mobile conveyors, shiploaders, reception hoppers and stackers for clients around the globe.
Ports and Inland Terminals
Mobile Bulk Material Handling Shiploading / Unloading Solutions

  • Loading barges and coaster size vessels up to 8,000 dwt
  • Loading Handy-size vessels up to 20,000 dwt
  • Loading Handymax size vessels up to 50,000 dwt
  • Loading Panamax / Post Panamax Vessels up to 70,000dwt
  • Unloading and stockpiling at the quayside
  • Parallel Travel Tracked Telescopic Shiploader
  • Parellel Travel Rail Mounted Telescopic Shiploader
  • Low tail Option
Radial Stackers
Telescopic conveyors are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of stockpiling applications

  • Stockpiling sub-base road materials
  • Stockpiling various materials into bays
  • Stockpiling in warehouses and storage sheds
  • Material transfer
  • Blending recycled material with virgin aggregates
  • Stockpiling in areas where space is at a premium
  • Loading multiple rail cars
Tracked Telescopic Stockpiling / Variable Link Conveyors

  • Stockpiling crushed stone and sand & gravel
  • Re-feeding oversize material
  • Variable Link conveyor between primary and secondary crusher / screener
  • Stockpiling mineral ores
  • Stockpiling C and D and domestic waste, top soil, coal, grain etc.
  • Loading trucks and rail cars
  • Loading barges
  • Receiving crushed material and stockpiling safely over a quarry face / bench
  • Embankment dressing
Tracked Stockpiling Conveyors

  • TC 418 - 18m Lenght (60ft) Up to 400TPH
  • TC 421 - 21m Lenght (70ft) UP to 400TPH
  • TC 621 - 21m Lenght (70ft) Up to 600TPH
  • TC 424 / 624 - 24m Lenght (70ft) Up to 600TPH
  • Stockpiling direct from primary crushers at material source.
  • Stockpiling from secondary crushers and screens.
  • Stockpiling crushed stone, sand and gravel, mineral ores.
  • Stockpiling construction and demolition waste, top soil, coal, grain etc.
  • Receiving crushed material and stockpiling safely over a quarry face/bench.
  • Working as part of a mobile system on short to medium term projects.
  • Ship and truck loading
Truck Unloaders
Designed for receiving bulk material from trucks and wheel loaders

  • Receiving bulk material from Tipping Trucks up to 25 Tonnes
  • Receiving bulk material from Dumper Trucks up to 35 Tonnes
  • Receiving bulk material from Wheel loaders
  • Stockpiling
  • Loading rail cars
  • Loading barges
  • Feeding other Telestack equipment
Link Conveyors
Transfer material between processes in a highly cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner

  • Provides a mobile link between an excavator, mobile crushing unit and fixed overland conveyor for efficient onward transfer of material to secondary processing stages within mining and quarrying operations
  • Provides a mobile link for transferring material between a ship unloading conveyor or hopper unit to a quayside storage area for stockpiling or secondary processing
Ranger 3 Wheel Drive Radial Stackers
Combining instant 3-wheel drive mobility with high capacity radial stockpiling - a superbly versatile machine

  • Stockpiling - ideal for contractors and operators who move plant from site to site on a regular basis and require a high capacity radial stockpiling conveyor.
  • Loading trucks
  • Loading rail cars
  • High Capacity Stockpiling
Charger Hopper / Truck Loading Feeding Units

  • Stockpiling
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Loading rail cars
  • Loading barges
  • Feeding material onto ground conveyors
  • Feeding material into large trenches
  • Feeding associated Telestack equipment
  • Dust Recycling and Storage
Material Blending Units
Mix or blend two or three types of material into one

  • Blending dust with aggregates
  • Blending recycled materials with virgin aggregates
  • Blending different grades of coal
Trench Excavation & Backfilling Conveyors
High capacity trench excavation, stockpiling and back-filling for large scale pipe laying projects

  • For large scale pipe laying projects where maximum throughput and productivity in material extraction and back-filling are required.
Customised Conveyors & Material Storage Systems
Custom designed machines and storage systems to suit individual client needs

  • The Telestack custom design department can offer tailored conveying and storage solutions to meet individual client needs.
  • Our material storage silos offer the following:
  • Storing material in a port / terminal environment before export
  • Receving and storing imported bulk materials
  • General high capacity material storage in any environment
  • High capacity 24hr hot asphalt material storage from asphalt plants - static and mobile options available
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
High speed concrete production in many locations

  • Wet or dry concrete production
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