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Ranger 3 Wheel Drive Radial

Combining instant 3-wheel drive mobility with high capacity radial stockpiling - a superbly versatile machine


  • Stockpiling - ideal for contractors and operators who move plant from site to site on a regular basis and require a high capacity radial stockpiling conveyor.
  • Loading trucks
  • Loading rail cars
  • High Capacity Stockpiling

Key Benefits:

  • Road and site mobile
  • Achieve conical stockpile capacities of 2,300 Tonnes
  • Radial stockpiles of 12,000 Tonnes through a 120 degree radius.
  • Eliminates the high cost of using a wheeled loader and driver for the regular clearing of material from the head drum of a crusher or screener.
  • In multiple crushing applications - eliminates downtime where an excavator operator stops production because crushed material has reached the head drum and cannot be cleared as the wheel loader driver is elsewhere performing other stockpiling or loading duties.
  • Faster set-up and removal times are achieved when stockpiling with a Ranger as material does not build up in and around the crusher or screener.
  • The Ranger can be used for stockpiling up to 6 inch (150mm) down crushed or screened material at speeds of up to 500TPH.
  • Reduce weekend production costs by employing only an excavator and operator to feed the crusher - no need for a wheel loader & driver to work the stockpile.
  • With its long reach the Ranger can be used to safely stockpile material from a crusher over a bench.
  • Environmentally, wind blown dust can be reduced through low level radial stockpiling, by raising the conveyor either manually or with an optional height level probe.

Key Features:

  • Self hitching mechanism for fast site to road mobility via 5th wheel tow – no need for a low loader
  • On board diesel engine, front and rear wheel drive and steering and a robust design allows the Ranger to be instantly driven around the site, over varied terrain, allowing higher capacity stockpiles to be created where demand is greatest.
  • Powered radial drive and a variable discharge height up to 9.4m
  • The Ranger can operate safely when driving on steep slopes with a counter balance valve fitted on wheel drives as standard.
  • Option to reduce costs and engine wear through running the belt using reserve crusher power but still maintain ability to run independently via on board diesel engine
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